Increase Your Home’s Value With A Loft Conversion

Are you looking for a way to increase the value of your home’s property value? If so, then consider doing it with a loft conversion.

We’ll explain how loft conversions add value, what you should know about them and whether or not a conversion is better than an extension when it comes to adding value.

Do Loft Conversions Add Value?

In short, loft conversions do add value to a home, and many homeowners can expect to add up to £100K or more in value when they convert their loft. This is because they will be increasing their property by having new space built.

Sure, there are many types of loft conversions, and the increase in value depends on various factors, such as where your home is located, what kind of conversion you decide to go with and things of that nature.

If you live in London, then you can expect a big jump in your home’s value. This is because the city is known for places that have very limited space. If you add more space to your London home, then you’ll increase its value by a lot.

Things To Know About Loft Conversions

You need to make sure your home has plenty of headroom, so take a look at the roof and find out how steep the pitch is. It’s important to have the height required to do a loft conversion. Besides that, determine if you will lose space on your home’s lower level, and if so, then how much?

Is A Loft Conversion Better Than An Extension For Adding Value To A Home?

When it comes to adding value to a home, loft conversions are better than extensions. When it comes to extensions, you’ll only be able to do so much because there are limitations. Loft conversions allow you to create more room, which is why they add more value.

When you add a conversion, you’re basically adding a new room. This could be used for a study room, bedroom, office or an en-suite to name a few. With extensions, they tend to serve as dining space or kitchen space. Loft conversions tend to be more flexible in this regards.

When To Get A Attic Conversion

Anytime is a good time to have a loft conversion done, even if you don’t plan on selling your home in the near future or at all for that matter.

However, when you decide you want a loft conversion, it’s crucial to hire a professional who has worked on many loft conversion projects. Compare a few experts and look at their portfolios and request a few estimates before choosing the builder you like the most. With that said, if you want to increase your home’s space and value, then have a loft conversion done today.

Do you want to increase your home’s property? If so, then contact a builder who specialises in loft conversions and they will discuss what you want. Before you know it, you’ll have a new loft and your home will be worth more money.