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Get your filthy mouse off my T-Rex!

I ride dinosaurs. Deal with it.

Why do people still have car alarms? It’s the only thing I hate about living on 4th ave. IBTs dance music thumps thru my windows every night of the week and it’s a god damn lullaby compared to car alarms.

No one responds to your fucking car alarm. I hear one every night and my initial and only reaction is that I want to bash in your skull for thinking anyone gives a shit about your shitty car and its shittier alarm. The only thing more archaic than a car alarm is the printing press. Or a fucking CD player. Which you probably have since you drive a 2002 Dodge Stratus. No one is interested in stealing that thing.

FUCK! I just want to watch SVU and chill with my puppy without having to hear your fucking car alarm!

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